10 Hot Dogs Only America Was CRAZY Enough To Invent!

10 Hot Dogs Only America Was CRAZY Enough To Invent!

List of the top 10 hot dogs only America was crazy enough to invent. Do you know the best and worst hot dogs to buy at the grocery store in the USA? Do you know why American hot dogs are so delicious?
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Whether at a ball game or even in the comforts of your very own home, sometimes nothing hits the spot more than a well-dressed hot dog. But these days, a hot dog simply dressed with ketchup, mustard and relish do not seem to cut it anymore. We’ve found some pretty extraordinary toppings, and yeah … you’re likely to find them only in America. Here are the 10 hot dogs that only America can come up with!

The hot dog or dog is a grilled or steamed sausage sandwich where the sausage is served in the slit of a partially sliced bun. It can also refer to the sausage itself. The sausage used is the wiener or frankfurter. The names of these sausages also commonly refer to their assembled sandwiches.

If you agree with this list of the top 10 hot dogs only America was crazy enough to invent.Comment: #hotdogs #franks #sausages

0:33 The Slider Dog
1:54 BBQ Sauce, Cole Slaw, and Tater Tots
3:18 Poutine Dog
4:31 The Mashed Potato Hot Dog
5:23 The Sophisticated Hot Dog
6:46 Mac and Cheese Hot Dog
8:11 Arugula Pesto Hot Dog
9:09 Caramel Popcorn Hot Dog
10:18 Ramen Noodle Hot Dog
11:27 The Pizza Dog

– The toppings on the Slider Dog start off pretty normally: chopped bacon; then it gets a tad weird, as mac and cheese is the second ingredient, but then we go all out, all the way out of the ballpark with the third ingredient, which happens to be Fruit Loops!
– BBQ Sauce, Cole Slaw, and Tater Tots. This one happens to border on the more normal side of things.
– In Quebec, the birthplace of poutine, this dish is regarded as sacred, and we’re not joking with that one.
– Can you imagine all that rich velvety, creaminess of the mashed potatoes as you chomp down on all that wonderful meat, bun and everything else that makes you hop on one foot no matter where you are.
– These days, many chefs are topping their fanciest of dishes with fried eggs; whether it be pasta dishes, burgers, steak tartare or what have you, rest assured that eggs are making even more of an appearance, as they have for quite a few years now.
– This hot dog in particular actually looks really good, especially if the mac and cheese are done right.
– Arugula adds a layer of taste that will only improve a recipe, and we’re sure it doesn’t disappoint here. In this hot dog recipe, the chef has decided to make a pesto out of it, which has got our ears perked up.
– Hot dogs and caramel corn.
– Hot dogs are often chopped up and added to ramen noodles by many and likewise for mac and cheese.
– It’s the wonderful people at Dogs n’ Frys that bring us the Pizza Dog – exactly what the world has been waiting for.

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