Cute Golden Retriever Puppy Grooming Routine

Cute Golden Retriever Puppy Grooming Routine

Amelia, our cute Golden Retriever Puppy, has just turned 6 months old. This video was created to give you an idea of the Time and Effort and Products that are required to Groom these beautiful creatures. Hopefully it will provide you some Tips and Tricks or a good overview of what to expect. Please keep in mind that we have been consistent with grooming Amelia once a week since she joined our family at 9 weeks old. Many of the Golden Retriever Experts and Resources recommend keeping this schedule to help them become accustomed to this routine. In fact, some experts even encourage combing your Golden Retriever’s coat on a daily basis. Only recently have we transitioned Amelia to this schedule since her coat has grown longer over recent weeks.

Thank you for following Amelia and our family on this educational journey. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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And if you are looking for supplies or products that have been helpful in the training/grooming/education/care of our Golden Retriever Puppy thus far- I have attached a product list and their associated links below. These links are affiliated links that allows our Amelia Flys channel to receive a small commission at no additional cost to you the customer. This support will help our channel to continue to provide free content in the future.

Thank you again for watching!

Peace and ❤️,
Amelia and Christina

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