DIY Balcony Dog Porch Potty

DIY Balcony Dog Porch Potty

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A DIY porch potty for dogs and puppies! I made it for my Labradoodle Max to he can pee outside upstairs when we are not home.

This self draining and easily cleaned (just hose it out and the plumbing takes the water off the balcony!) was a fun project. It is suitable for apartments or balconies.

I wanted to make this DIY porch potty durable and stable. DIY pet toilets also give you more value for money. I wanted my puppy Max to have a luxurious extra large balcony toilet.

DIY allowed us to get bang-for-the-buck and get a much larger self cleaning porch potty. The base and frame are durable – and the plastic lining and astro turf can be easily replaced if needed.

We plumbed it down the the garden below – you could instead drain it to a drain or container.

Step-by-step instructions available here:
Complete material list below:

DIY Porch Potty Materials List
Pine of adequate width to form the four walls of the potty
It needs to be of adequate width (which will be the height) to give the PVC plastic board enough slope to drain properly
We used 1.2 metre and 950mm as this allowed the perfect space for our 1200×900 PVC board
Stain to colour and protect the wood (I used a durable oil based varnish)
Three wooden 950mm battens to support the steel mesh
PVC sheet (1200×900)
Steel lattice (can use stronger fencing lattice) also 1200×900
Pond liner (any plastic is OK but pond liner is very though)
A soft shower liner is fine – even thicker concrete lining plastic is ok.
Spare wood to support the PVC sheet (does not need to be stained or good quality)
Cable Ties
Astro Turf/Fake Grass
Timber screws
Nails (or a nail gun)
Wood strength staples
Pipe (We used 10 metres of 25mm diameter)
Matching L shaped pipe
A metal pipe fastener (the type that can be tightened or released with a screwdriver)
Some Silicone to seal the drain pipe

Your local hardware store usually has the cheapest materials (Home Depot in the USA or Bunnings in Australia) but you can find cool red gnomes or fire-hydrant lanterns on Amazon (

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