Flowerhorn Training – Woman takes care of Smart Flowerhorn Fish

Flowerhorn Training – Woman takes care of Smart Flowerhorn Fish

This video is my collection about Flowerhorn Training – Woman takes care of smart flowerhorn fish.
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Flowerhorn is a hybrid fish that are based on one of the earliest man-made hybrid fish: the blood parrot. Since the first flowerhorns, often called luohans, #flowerhorn cichlids have been hybridized with dozens of other cichlids. Their genetic history is unknown and varies greatly with each strain.

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Flowerhorn is said to bring its owner lots of prosperity, luck and good fortune in everything ranging from wealth and fame to love and happiness. Those real hobbyists and #fish lovers will even stretch their hands into the tank and play with the Luo Han, which behaves just like a little puppy.
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♛♛ Here are all useful articles about my flowerhorn collection. You can follow some great tips about flowerhorn care for beginners.
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