Getting Your Leopard Gecko To Eat – Golden Gate Geckos Slurry

Getting Your Leopard Gecko To Eat – Golden Gate Geckos Slurry

Has your gecko been refusing to eat for a long time, or losing a lot of weight? If your gecko doesn’t have an underlying illness, you could try making the Golden Gate Geckos Slurry.

What You Need…
In a blender, combine:

1 small can Hill’s A/D pet food (available at most vets)
6 oz. prepared Oxbow Carnivore Care (available at most vets)
1 small jar baby food squash
¼ cup Ensure (not chocolate)
¼ cup Pedialite
*Contents of 2 capsules Milk Thistle (herbal supplement, liver purifier, found at most drug stores)
1 tsp. each calcium powder
1/2 tsp. herp vitamin powder
3-5 X-large handfuls of mealworms or medium superworms, added slowly while mixture is blending
Puree all ingredients until completely smooth, adding mealworms until mixture is the consistency of milkshake. Pour into ice cube tray and freeze. Store frozen cubes in a zip-lock bag in the freezer until ready to use, then thaw out 1 cube at a time in the empty baby food jar at room temperature. Keep thawed slurry in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days, washing the jar and lid thoroughly after each batch.


(1/4 cup = approx 59ml)
Ensure & Dioralyte
A/D Pet Food %29
Baby Food – Most supermarkets sell this.
Meal Worms –
Blunt syringes – Can be found on ebay.

Teespring –
Necklace & Keychains –