How to make healthy homemade dog food – Makana Meatloaf

How to make healthy homemade dog food – Makana Meatloaf

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This is the link to the supplement I give Makana twice a day in her food to help heal her liver:

Milk Thistle –

This recipe doesn’t have to be exact. Pet parents can give this to healthy dogs to keep them healthy or if they are in need of a special diet – just adjust the meat, vegetable and starch ratio.

The vet said to give her half rice and half animal protein in the beginning. As she began to eat again, I broke it down to 1/3 vegetable, 1/3 rice and oats, 1/3 animal protein.

Makana’s Meatloaf or Meatball Recipe Ingredients

5 lbs mix or just one type of ground chicken and/or turkey
1/2 lb – no more than 1/2 pound ground chicken livers or chicken hearts (the mixture gets too wet when you use a the entire one pound, but you can always add more rice, oats – as per the video)
5 cups cooked brown rice

Celery, Carrots 3-5 stalks, carrots – depending on size – food process to small pieces to aid in dog’s digestion
1 apple – remove seeds – food process
1 sweet potato, peeled and food process

2 cup whole uncooked, quick barley oats
6 raw eggs – blended to grind the shells

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