Preparing Food + Siberian Husky Eating: 10 Weeks Old(2018)

Preparing Food + Siberian Husky Eating: 10 Weeks Old(2018)

I will be preparing food and feeding my Siberian husky puppies, this will be the first approach in editing into this style/type of video so if you like it please let me know in the comments just as what i could do to improve,

Im new to vlogging so be patient with my amateur videos, i learn as i go along. The latest videos are looking much better than the older ones so it means im on a good track.

What would also be good in helping me get better is constructive criticism! thats right, i do not mind to hear what you liked, disliked and what i can do to make things better… you get the picture, So dont shy away and lay it all out!


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The Husky Family Names:

Boys- Doty, Zoro, Ticy, Slim, Tripps

Girls- Ringa, Jeydi, Maili

Mommy – Gabii


Open To Any Questions, Email Me Here:

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