Raising a puppy – Full interview with Lake Road Animal Hospital

Raising a puppy – Full interview with Lake Road Animal Hospital

See the full, unedited interview with Drs. Brennen and Hughes about early puppy socialization and problem solving. **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here:

—————TIME STAMPS—————

Interview begins 0:39
Early socialization vs. vaccines 1:06
Fear periods 2:45
But the breeder said not to! 3:21
The minimum to get going 3:56
Getting around other dogs 4:46
Problems are predictable and preventable 5:45
Protected socialization 7:44
Puppy classes and vaccines 9:13
Potty training 11:39
Mental and physical exercise 15:10
Dr. Brennen revisits socialization 18:19
Realistic expectations 19:38
People don’t read! 21:11
Wrap up and closure 22:07


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Lake Road Animal Hospital and Kennels

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Shout out and thank you to Drs. Brennen and Hughes for their generous donation of time and knowledge. Also to Ashlee Bischoff, Lake Road’s Kennel Manager, and Cheri Hammond, Client Service Supervisor for helping set up the interview.

Also to my friend and colleague Arynn Brucie for running the cameras during the interview and assisting with setup and break-down.


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About this video: In this video Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training discusses a variety of puppy raising and training issues with local vets, Dr. Mike Brennen and Dr. Kathryn Hughes. Excerpts were used in our Puppy Socialization video, but the whole interview was worth sharing! We hope you get some value from it!