ROTH IRAs, Home Office Deductions, GAP Funding & MORE! – Tax Tuesday with Toby Mathis Ep. 110

ROTH IRAs, Home Office Deductions, GAP Funding & MORE! – Tax Tuesday with Toby Mathis Ep. 110

Ever wonder what you have to file when you have an S corporation and taking a salary or how much expenses vs improvements you can claim on your taxes for a remodel?

Are you a small business that didn’t make any income last year and wondering if you are required, or if you should, file a tax return this year? Toby Mathis answers these questions and more during this episode of Tax Tuesday a bi-weekly FREE LIVE webinar event.

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00:12:04.05 – What do you have to file when you have
an S corporation and take a salary?

00:17:53.02 – I’m a small business owner who last year didn’t make any income. Do I have to file?

00:20:00.05 – How much of my remodel can I claim on my taxes as expenses versus improvements?

00:26:37.04 – I do a conversion of my Rollover ROTH IRA to my ROTH every year. How do the new tax rules “The Trio of 5-year Rules” affect me?

00:33:01.04 – Can you claim both the home office deduction and the section 280A for the same C corp?

00:34:39.06 – How do you report real estate rental income for properties in a trust?

00:39:45.05 – How do I work with Gap funding for flipping real estate when the funder lives outside of the USA?

00:45:05.04 – Can I claim my husband as dependent on the married filing separately status? He didn’t have income and I did.

00:50:31.02 – What determines your state residency when you live in a non-fixed location?

00:56:49.05 – I’m starting an LLC. What’s the best way to lend a start-up LLC money?

01:01:21.00 – What’s the tax liability as a dual citizen in Canada/USA and recently received an inheritance from my Canadian parents?

01:06:07.06 – Is a self-directed IRA subject to UDFI when invested in syndication that uses debt financing?

01:07:49.02 – Will UBIT or UDFI occur in my self-directed IRA if I’m passively in syndications where there’s a non-recourse loan.

01:12:36.03 – I lost a property to foreclosure that was a rental property before I lived in it but I lived in it for 2 out of the last 5 years, but My CPA treated it as an investment property. Should I amend that year’s tax return?

01:18:12.00 – if I have a Roth IRA do I pay capital gains tax on the money that the Roth produces, or is that growth tax-deferred?

01:18:51.03 – I have transitioned to a real estate professional this year. Looking at how to write expenses off on the husband’s W-2 income.

01:20:24.00 – I have a family limited partnership that is going to get a large sum of money. I plan to put it all into a non-profit. Any taxes owed?

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