She Rescued and Orphaned Puppy Koala ! (Best Rescue Video Animals) Baby koala SO' Cute ! – Bushfires

She Rescued and Orphaned Puppy Koala ! (Best Rescue Video Animals) Baby koala SO' Cute ! – Bushfires

Rescue Puppy Koalas SHE LOVES BABYS! Orphans Hospital “Koala Paws” – Heart Melting Video (RECOVERY) Bushfires Updated.

Animal Help Operations! (Save poor koalas) REHABILITATION – RECOVERY, help animals wildlife australia bushfire rescue video.

Abandoned On Own Crying then Orphaned with No Hope was Homeless,Stray,Transformation who Recovery before & after Story is HeartMelting – HeartBreaking.

( Joey )⚠Saved Australian koala’s (BEST RESCUE EVER)

HERO Rescues/ koala screaming but rescues Orphans hydration is needed – LIVE she Rescued a baby wallabe baby only a small baby Joey then and seen him in The tree’s looking and seen the Australian koalas so ran over to him as soon as possible, luckily surviving but was very shocked so made me cry so will make you cry try not to because it was Heart Melting and Heart Breaking story, the Rescue koala in tree in Australia HeartMelting/HeartBreaking Faith in Humanity was restored! RESCUING them was lucky “he is happy now” and taken to the care vetineriens.helped all over, are good people went to save more animals and is a good will act of kindness so also this video will restore your Faith in humans and the Hope for paws and animals.

Episode 1: :Part 1
Episode 2: :Part 2
Episode 3: :Part 3

Heartmelting We are so sad the poor koalas have been threatened with extinction lately so going to the devastating fire, then been through the worst it went the current area was leaving them feeling Exhausted and Dehydrated, so we continue to help all animals including koala rescues and kangaroo rescues dog rescues cat rescues “basically anything with paws” he said was then, so thankful for this and the people with the badges.

Baby saved by heroes This Rescue was Crazy and Fortunately for this koala and joey case surviving was an awesome one, suddenly seen and rescued, he/she now be happy and live long with a family in safe care, and then volunteers wildlife experts vetanerians doctor’s and then he or she was released back into the wild, and or in a sanctuary as many go for rehabilitation and recovery and injured physically or mentally unhealthy animals i think best possible way.

I am looking rehabilitated animals where rescued, happy for these animals then Insuring the best possible action for them was to be 100% safe to secure them there future and helped with continuing the species and extinction rates.

This was a heart felt koala rescue and when I see him I just think of how many kangaroos and koalas was actually are dying we seen many bad situations my friend run into the bushfire to Rescue a koala he burned his feet and toes rushing because he was trying to be fast for koala saying “I need to Rescue the baby koala I don’t care” so I chased him but ended up breaking my leg aswell,suddenly he came running out of the bushfire with the koala bear in his hands, I tryed to help but I couldent help when I looked at leg it was injured

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