The First Week With My NEW Doberman Puppy

The First Week With My NEW Doberman Puppy

My first week with Arlo, my new Doberman puppy, is in the books! It was a lot of work and there were certainly failures, as well as successes, this week but my new puppy is right on track with where he should be. He’s fitting into our family just great and we are certainly in love with this little guy. He has absolutely amazed me with how fast he’s picking up certain commands and behaviors that we’ve taught him. We’ve done our absolute best with his training to set him up for success, but his progress in only one week in a new home is still absolutely amazing. But just like any 9-week-old puppy, he still has a few struggles that we’re working through. So in this video, we’ll talk about many of the things we’re doing to help Arlo get on the right track!

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