The hardest part about raising ABANDONED kittens.

The hardest part about raising ABANDONED kittens.

We found 3 orphan kittens, and now we’re trying to raise them. Things can always go wrong, but we’re trying our best! Trying to get a kitten to suck from a bottle is definitely one of the hardest things about raising newborn kittens. The best part is getting to name these adorable 3 week old kittens.

On our one-acre farm in the desert, we always start the day with milking our Nigerian Dwarf goats. We hand milk and bring it inside to make yogurt, cheese, & butter. This time we try to sneak out before the pigs see us and beg for food. They hear the bang of the pail and the pigs come running. We feed the pigs their slop and they go crazy over their food, but their doing better with their training on eating in different bowls.

We get back to milking the goats, and the other goats wait patiently for their turn. Tilly the goat is a stinker and wants to lift her leg every time we milk her. After most of the mama goats are milked, it’s time to let the cute baby goats out. They run and play and are excited to eat from their mamas. We have a combination of Nigerian & Nubian goats here on our farm.

We haven’t trained the baby goats to the milking stand just yet, but hopefully in a few months we can start doing that so they’ll turn into fantastic milking goats! Luna, the funniest goat on our farm, decides that today will be the day she’ll be naughty and she tried to tip her food over. Unfortunately, right when we finish milking Luna the goat, the pigs are back and ready for more food at the gate.

When we go to gather the eggs, we find two chickens in the same nesting box! The chickens find a favorite spot in the coop and don’t wanna give it up! Kiwi and her baby turkeys are doing great. All six turkey poults are big and strong. And Kiwi has started to lay turkey eggs again!

The time has come for another Kevin’s Crafts segment! He’s on a mission to make a roof for the goat mineral feeder. The only problem is, he wants to repurpose this project. He’s Mr. DIY, but he’s also Mr. Do Everything For Free. We’ll see if it holds up in the goat pen.

In the garden, DaNelle harvests 20 lbs. of carrots & beets, and starts to get ready for summer plants. Her desert garden is growing strong, and it’s all about conserving water in the heat of Phoenix, Arizona.

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