Visiting TC Feathers Aviary Bird Store in Chantilly VA

Visiting TC Feathers Aviary Bird Store in Chantilly VA

While in Virginia, I decided to stop by the TC Feathers Aviary Bird Store in Chantilly to look around. This is a mid size or slightly above mid size bird store specializing exclusively in parrots and parrot supplies. Located outside of Washington DC, TC serves the DC Metro area and Virginia.

The main feature is the large room full of birds with a central area full of trees and surrounded by cages. Off to the side, they have several indoor aviaries housing the permanent resident macaws. The two things that stood out to me were the colorful walls and abundant use of water bottles for every single bird cage. Much cleaner water for the birds at this store as a result. You can grab a bird bottle system at

The store does in-house breeding of smaller parrots such as cockatiels and conures but even some Cape Parrots and Macaws. The most unique bird you will see at the store is one of their two, first of its kind, Miliquin Macaws! These macaws are an accidental hybrid between a Military Macaw and an already hybrid Harlequin Macaw.

It is always interesting to see how bird stores around the US and around the world do things differently, what kind of birds and supplies they sell, and see what lessons we can take home to use with our own birds.

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