Ways to SAVE TIME Grooming your Dog (part 2)

Ways to SAVE TIME Grooming your Dog (part 2)

Learn the BEST ways to save time when grooming a dog! There are reasons pet groomers stay on schedule and it is my pleasure to share those secrets with you so you and your pet(s) can benefit from these professional tips too!

Here are some time saving pet grooming tricks:
#1 preform all grooming steps in order for every groom. Here is a link to my 11 steps to groom any dog.
My printable “11 Steps to Groom Any Dog!”

#2 Maintain a routine grooming schedule for your pet every 4-8 weeks regardless if you groom your dog or take them to a professional pet groomer. Then your dog will never have an over abundance of coat or undercoat.

#3 invest in quality equipment that will save you time, money and produce winning results.
• good brushes
• good clippers, blades and shears
• use the Absorber Towel instead of cloth towels
• force dryer
• a good bathing system will clean the skin and coat leaving no residue behind to build up in the coat
• Hair vac system will save you time on your clipper work
• take care of your tools and equipment

#4 Perform other grooming steps while your dog is drying
• trim nails
• shave the pads of the feet
• clean ears
• brush the entire coat after your dog exits the bath and is towel dried

#5 Properly secure your dog safely on the grooming table. I use a groomers helper grooming loop and hitch the dog to the grooming arm. Your dog will behave and cooperate due to this type of restraining system.

By taking advantage of these time saving grooming secrets you will maximize the time spend grooming a dog and be less likely to overlook a grooming step too.

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